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Comments From the Flotilla Commander to the Flotilla

Alex Wilson, FC

Welcome to Flotilla 8's Website, Home to information concerning the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, Eighth Western Rivers, Division 03, Flotilla 08 "THE EIGHTBALLS". The Oldest, Continuously Operating Flotilla West of the Mississippi !
Our members come from all walks of life and compromise a wealth of knowledge to share and a common goal to serve our country. We perform missions with the US Coast Guard as Guardian Volunteers. The Flotilla members actively participate in Boater Safety, Public Education, Aides to Navigation, Boat and Air Patrols and Recreational Boating Safety Visits.
We meet once a month and have several activities scheduled throughout the year, Several events that we participate in include; The St. Louis Boat Show, Blessing of the Fleet, St. Charles Boat Show, Various Marina Visits and Vessel Exams, AMEREN Safety Fair, Scott Air Force Base Air Show and College Fairs.
Feel Free to Contact us for questions and/or to join.

Be Safe whether on land, in the air, or on our great MidWest Water Ways !

Alex. Wilson
Flotilla Commander "The EightBalls"